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Project You, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was originally founded to serve the struggling single mothers living in New York City with vocational training and job placement services. Being an active part of the Brooklyn and Bronx communities, it has provided substantial aide to over 5,000 marginalized members living in New York City. 

Project You Inc. has developed partnerships and affiliations with agencies who are willing to financially support the organization by subsidizing the tuition costs of the students attending training courses at our school, Clinton Institute. Unfortunately, due to the strict guidelines outlined by the agencies, thousands of individuals are not able to qualify. The population suffering and struggling the most is that of single mothers. Many agencies require that the Home Health Aide course be completed during daytime hours. Single mothers living below poverty are not able to afford daycare services for their children that would allow them to attend the course. As a result, the mother is left desperate and vulnerable because she does not have anyone to turn to for help. Single mothers that have been left homeless or domestically abused also have no means of attending the course because they have to spend the day trying to find food or money on the street to feed their child. How can a woman possibly even buy a metrocard to get to the school if she can't even buy her children some candy? She's living in a world in which all the odds are against her. 

Project You Inc. is seeking funding to better fulfill its mission of providing economic empowerment to marginalized low-income women who are struggling single mothers, domestic violence victims, homeless or unemployed, African American or Hispanic, and immigrants. Offering short-term vocational training courses and services to enter life-long careers in healthcare. It’s the only nonprofit with a collective effort to assist all struggling women in New York City. 


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