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Irina Belushin

Dear Friends,


Thank you for visiting our site and a warm Welcome to Our Community!


I'm sure that most of us would agree that living in the United States is a privilege. America, itself, is a world role model for the less fortunate because it creates a sense of hope for the future of the people. Due to the modern nature of America, it constantly aims to promote equality, support, and opportunity to all races, ethnicities, and individuals with disabilities. However, even though America is largely populated by immigrants from around the world, there is very little help provided to them upon their arrival. I know this because I speak from personal experience. 


As an immigrant at 25 years old, I felt an immense amount of uncertainty in my future. After the loss of my mother and a painful divorce, I had no idea what I was going to do. Fortunately, in those times of desperate need and loneliness, I realized my purpose. Learning from my own struggles and motivated by the single mothers in our society, I envisioned myself creating an organization dedicated to helping single mothers succeed.  

As founder of Project You, my constant motivation stems from my efforts in wanting to teach people how to live self-sufficiently and independent. I want people, especially single mothers, to feel confident enough to support themselves and their families. I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF EDUCATION because OUR MOST IMPORTANT PROJECT IS [YOU]. That is why we work so hard to advocate and raise awareness about providing fully funded career certification programs and job placement assistance to single mothers and immigrants via our partnerships, generous donations, and individual sponsorship opportunities. 


Our SINGLE MOMS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM, literally creates miracles. Being able to witness the lives of our clients transform because of the help and services we provide, overfills my soul with an abundance of warmth and happiness. No one should ever feel alone, lost, confused, and/or trapped due to their financial or language barriers. I want PROJECT [YOU] to be THE DOOR THAT'S ALWAYS OPEN to anyone who needs assistance or resourceful guidance to building a brighter future for themselves and their family. 

Thank you for constantly supporting and helping  PROJECT [YOU] keep the real American Dream alive!


Irina Belushin

Founder and C.E.O.

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