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Project You, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Was created by a single immigrant mother with a desire to help her local community members achieve educational and economic advancements. We are incredibly proud of our role in providing services to the under-served and vulnerable populations within our community. 


We help under-served women/men, single parents, immigrants, and minorities receive the best professional training at three of our affiliated schools in NYC. Funding for struggling single mothers through schooling ensures higher success rates of our students working in long-term sustainable careers in healthcare.


By partnering with other not-for-profit organizations and healthcare agencies in NYC, we create employment opportunities for our community and aide as their open the door to financial freedom.



We dedicated to expanding our services to the under-served populations of New York City. One major issue we have noticed within our community is the lack of communication and social services available to the elderly deaf/ hard of hearing community. That is why we have decided to create and offer the Home Health Aide for Deaf/ Hard of Hearing certification program. Through our program, deaf/ hard of hearing individuals will be able to become Home Health Aides that will then be able to get employment at a home health aide agency that will place them in homes of elderly who are in need of an HHA and are also deaf/ hard of hearing.


Next class February 2019


If you want to take a class or you need HHA service, please contact us at


The work that ProjectYOU does is critical to ensuring the success of struggling singl mothers throughout Brooklyn. It is crucial that single mothers are equipped with the tools they need in order to succeed in the workforce. ProjectYOU will help single mothers take classes in pursuit of a certification program that will ultimately lead to long-term financial stability for them and their children.

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Eric L. Adams Brooklyn Borough President

Eric L. Adams

Brooklyn Borough President

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